Just subscribed to Lessons!

Let the learning journey begin! I am a newbie to the bass or any stringed instrument for that matter. Eager to get going. :muscle:


Welcome Frankie! Josh’ll do you right on the lessons, get after it!


Good luck on the lessons. I agree they’re very helpful. I’m also on the beginner end of the scale and I think they give good structure to pick up some playing time on the instrument and learn some foundational concepts. Be careful though. It can get you hooked. You’ll want to do a lesson and then one more and one more . . . I’m almost done with the lessons at the two-month mark and I’ve already got an upgrade bass coming in the mail.


You’ll enjoy it, @Frankie24 . Josh is a great teacher and has an easy personality and style.

I’ve been trying to learn bass on & off for longer than I care to admit (OK, I first started in 1984. Stop gasping!) and have tried a few courses and 1-2-1 lessons, but it was B2B that finally clicked for me. I’m still slugging through it because life got in the way, but even after rerunning the course I still enjoy the lessons (and can get through them faster). You won’t regret your choice.


Im enjoying them. Just work through the first 3 lessons. On the end of lesson 3 on the Lynyrd Skynyrd riff which is cool, I am a DP & Skynyrd fan so in know these two songs well by ear and the rhythm to each. Both Child In Time & Sweet Home Alabama. Just waking up and getting around and will be jumping back into then essons as soon as I am fully awake. Thanks for the reply!

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