Just went cableless


Just bought a bluetooth guitar to amp device and it works perfect. Small transmiter plugs into bass and receiver into amp. Sound is excellent and no noise or static. It is great to be un-teathered from the amp. Range is 20 t0 30 ft. At 39.99 it is worth it.


Interesting! What’s the make/model?


I have an Alesis wireless system that makes the amp hum. I too, would be interested in the make and model of your rig. Cheers.


It is a Getaria 2.4GHZ Wireless Bass Guitar system. Has builtin rechargeable batteries and cord. They also have regular guitar systems. The add said new 2019 model and had good reviews on Amazon. There is no hum or static on my Fender 25.


I ordered an Ammoon 2.4 GHZ wireless system from Amazon. $41 total. Should be here tomorrow.


Hope it solves your issue. There are many available and I checked today and could not find mine on Amazon. Some are so similar that there may be a single manufacturer.


Hi Guys, I am using a X vive 2.4 GHz system, works perfectly on bass and electric guitar, the rechargeable batteries keep you going up to 5 hours or so, the price (unfortunately) is significantly higher (about 125 Euros).
Hello from Germany, Christian


Your frequency range may increase price (also quality)?


Interesting! Definitely seems good enough for practice, I would have a bunch of concerns for higher stakes situations (performance), but anything that makes practicing more convenient is good!


I purchased a Flangers from Amazon. I like using for practice.
Flanger UHF Guitar Wireless… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HBS2L3B?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


Hmmmm, I may actually look into something like this for practicing; I’m a real “gear-head” and something like this is intriguing for sure! Thanks for the mention!



Hmm. Those are less expensive than I expected. Interesting.