Khruangbin Gear Video

Laura Lee on her bass gear.

It’s very inspiring that she uses such a simple and inexpensive setup!

The interview beforehand with Mark Speer the guitarist is worth watching too. They seem like lovely people.


Love the fact that she is still rocking a SX Jazz clone. And a J with foam muting.

8 year old flats, lol.


Hi @AlexM,
Watched the clip and then did a YouTube search for some of their music and I have to say I am impressed.
I will lock it in on Spotify and drill a bit deeper.
They bassist and guitar play of each other really great.
Cheers Brian


I remember Josh saying in a video that there are a bunch of good bassists who never or very late got into the whole “effect” game.

That and this video inspired me to be more like her. I just want to play bass and get good at that! I think I already tend into that direction.
I really love her attitude. It’s so different than the “oh yeah and then I got this effect and this runs into that and.”. She just plays bass and keeps it simple.