I’m curious. Aside of @Koldunya and the green Xcellerator X64, are there any other Kiesel owners/players here on Bass Buzz? I know there are a few Carvin people, but I’m not so sure about Kiesel people.

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Even mine is an oddball. It’s right around the transition and the Kiesel logo was an option at the time. My understanding is that Kiesel has always built the Carvin instruments anyway, though they’ve certainly changed as a company and not in a great way imo. Massively raised prices and seem to have more controversy…


Yeah, Jeff Kiesel can be a bit of an ass, it seems. But judging by the Xcellerator I had for a while and my current Osiris, I am shocked at the build quality of the instruments he puts out. I’ve long thought Kiesel was overpriced as a Carvin successor, but I don’t feel that way so much anymore.

I would love a Kiesel guitar. In my book they make great stuff