Killing the Phat


I have an Ibanez GSR that was must first bass guitar. It is a great, light weight bass to practice on around the house when plugged into the small practice amps. However, when plugged into my Fender amp, it sounds like a beached whale.
The bass is passive, with what Ibanez calls an “active” Phat EQ. Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the Phat EQ and just play it as a passive bass?


Well the basic solution is to just zero the knob so it’s not engaged… but what I understand from reading around a bit is that it still affects the signal + adds noise.

I know some people mod their GSRs and take out the Phat EQ… but why put all that work into a “meh” beginner bass? I personally don’t have the tinkering mind to do that kind of stuff so I would just upgrade to the SR300 or something similar which is a way better bass!

But does killing the Phat knob make that problem go away?


I purchased the GRS as just that… a beginner bass. I still use it while lounging around the house as it is light weight and I don’t expect much from it… Killing the knobs just kills the output. I did upgrade to my Fender Jazz and Warwick Vamp which I am very happy with.


When you say “kills the output,” do you mean it’s gone altogether or just lower? It would make sense that it would be lower, since it’s an active boost on an otherwise passive circuit (I believe?), so you would just have to compensate with amp volume.