Kisekae : design your own dream bass (or guitar)

Hi guys,

I often use a little software that I find very useful for creating previews of my custom or imaginary instruments. This thing exists since decades but it becomes better and better. It’s called Kisekae and it’s a group of a few different online softwares, for various instrument models (basses and guitars). I find it’s pretty fun and sometimes really useful.

I assume some of you don’t know those tools so I think it could be interesting to spread the word. So, here is the link : Kisekae

here is a Precision I just made for demonstration purpose, and that some of you might recognize :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :



Looks just like it. Thanks for the tip.

The “For those who can’t afford the PRS guitar;” section of the FAQ is pure gold :slight_smile:

Their actual guitar work looks interesting too. Looks like they are partnered with an ex-Fender guy with a couple workshops in the US:



That is cool as @RuknRole


Olive green is such a great colour. My greenie has a maple neck.

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