Klös Guitars

Figured this would be a good place to discuss. Anyone else been seeing a ton of ads for Klös guitars, in particular the electric bass they’ve released for pre-order?

I’ve been looking at investing in a second bass when I save up enough. I keep seeing ads for the this brand, they look like they’re new to the bass market and have a carbon fibre neck so I wonder what the sound would be like. Anyone have thoughts/experience with this brand?

I’ve also been looking at eventually owning a Stingray. Mind you both are expensive, so they’re far away dreams for now lol


I don’t know the brand, but I have heard of carbon fiber necks. The idea is that it does not react as much to temperature and humidity changes as do normal wood necks, so everything stays in place better. Pretty cool idea.


Hmm, interesting. I wonder how that would affect the sound and overall feel while playing


Most famous bassist I know of that uses that kind of bass is Chris Wolstenholme of Muse. He plays a Status Graphite.




Thanks! I’ll do some digging into them, that bass looks stunning


Modulus bass guitars have been around for a while Flea played one for awhile. Zon Guitars were 1st made with graphite now carbon fiber. Usually high end basses .


Like @BigAl said, Modulus and Zon.
I saw Lobster and Johnny Long play and review Modulus.
They are out of this world, and run around 5K IIRC.

I know Zon are still made, are Modulus still made tho, I don’t think so

The people reviewing them say they are a joy to play. I don’t know what the arguments against them are, if any, other then cost, but they appear to play and sound great.

The Status @howard pointed out as well.

I am not to sure of any of the big players that make them however.


@Gio has a Modulus IIRC :slight_smile:


This is very very true.
My Modulus is a Quantum Sweet Spot 5 - string.
I love it.

The neck is carbon fiber, and the fingerboard is a paper composite.

It doesn’t have the rich, woody tone of a bass with, well… a wooden neck and fingerboard… but it is extremely bright, precise, has no dead spots, and stays in tune alllllll the time. It is extremely even and punchy. A great hi-fi bass for very bass-forward sounds.

It NEVER works with music that was recorded in the 60s and 70s with a P bass, or has that warm, soul, funk vibe.

As I recall, Flea played one for a long time, Mike Gordon from Phish used them, so did Phil Lesh from the dead - they were hot for a while with the 2000s gospel bassists - the super shredders… wish I still had an old modulus catalog. The roster was impressive.

I love mine, but only bring it to the studio for things that need a real high-sheen / polished sound. I bring wooden basses (P and J) to everything else.


Shuker UK do a carbonate neck