So, my “main” bass is an Ibanez SR300 I’ve had since 2009. This year has brought on renewed interest in all things bass, which includes a serious case of GAS and bass tinker… ing… ness. As such, I want to spruce up “old faithful” a bit.

I want to start by swapping out the chrome knobs, tuners, and bridge with black. I’ve found the black knobs, but the SR300 has a… I guess… stacked bass/treble pot. You can see it here:

I can’t find stacked knobs like that anywhere. I don’t know if that’s because they don’t exist aftermarket, or if my Google-fu is worse than I thought. Which is a strong possibility… I write code all day long, but can’t Google things to save my soul.

Anyway! Does anyone have a lead on stacked knobs like that aftermarket?


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Sometimes googling parts is not as good as searching within reverb, ebay or Amazon and going from there.

Also check the parts sites as their SEO scores on their sites are low and don’t rise up in goggle’s searches. Bestbassgear etc.

Several options to start here…

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Something like this?
Framus & Warwick - Stacked Potentiometer Dome Knob - Black | W-Music Distribution

or This?

⁣Allparts Stacked Pot Knob Set BK – Thomann Ireland


Well. There it is. Thanks, @John_E and @HowlinDawg!