Kramer D-1 Bass

I just found out that Kramer is still making guitars and basses. Evidently they’re owned by Gibson the same way that Jackson and Charvel are owned by Fender.

Is the D-1 any good? Not that I’m looking for another bass, I’m just curious having thought that Kramer was dead as… dead.

I wonder if there are any other 80s/90s defunct brands that have been brought back from the grave?

I have no first hand experience, but… here is my $0.02.

Gibson has a horrible quality track record lately across all their brands.
Looks like Gibson took the name and made a low end line of … well … .crap?
The fact that even they aren’t even bothering to promote the Kramer brand says something.
In over three years on this forum I have never heard of them still making things.

I’d say… no.

The problem with ‘bringing back’ a brand, is just that, you are bringing back a brand vs. a product. This generally means that the marketeers have run out of ideas and are banking on name recognition. You might argure that tone wood matters or not to your sound, but I can guarantee name recognition does not.

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I refuse to support kramer, they posted a beretta guitar with a giant shrimp on it hat was amazing… unfortunetly it was on April fools day and they never made it. I offered them all my money and they refused to make it. So they are dead to me


Hmm… I know of them, website for my local music shop has them listed, but I guess maybe they’re in their warehouse like some of their amps etc. Because I don’t remember seeing them on display when I went looking and got my yamaha.

I’d expect them to be decent at almost the same price as the yamaha though

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lol RIP

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Huh….those look like hot dogs!

Yes, but look at the comments. their are other people sill salty over the shrimp guitar.
Found it!


Maybe Gibson told them they can’t make a strat style guitar.

The D-1 is actually a good bass for the money. Played good. Sounded good. Only had one in my hands for 10 minutes or so but will keep an eye out for a used one. Anyone remember the MusicYo Kramers? I had a black 4 string with the reverse headstok. Bought it cheap,let it go for a few bucks more. Kinda wished I had kept it. I believe the thing was plywood. Had the Dual Rail pickups and a six way switch. Sounded good,all things considered. I hate Gibson but the D-1 I tried wasnt near as cheesy.

Sounds fishy to me. :smirk:


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