La Bella 760FMs in stock at Sweetwater

So Sweetwater finally has the La Bella 760FMs back in stock. I ordered a set for my p-bass. Any installation weirdness or setup adjustments I need to be aware of?

NB: I’m not interested in a flats v. rounds debate, just things I might need to look out for.

My p-bass is set up for 50-105, and these are 49-109, so I ‘m not anticipating having to file the nut or anything, but if there are any tricks or tips I should be aware of, let me know.

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Nothing other than nut work that may or may not be needed.
Might want to measure under current strings at nut and record then check with the Ms to insure they too sit properly. Might not be a thing at all. Depends on how nut is cut. I’d expect E string only if anything.

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