La Bella Short Scale Bass Strings Deep Talkin' Bass Black Nylon Tape Wound

I’d like to know what everyone thinks of these strings. I tried them ….totally diff feel and I honestly don’t think they were great for me as a beginner to the bass.I took them back off and put my regular strings back I’m and I’m much happier for it…… any thoughts?


I really dislike flats. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, not everyone likes them. You discovered that you don’t like tapewounds, and that’s just fine :slight_smile:


I prefer round wounds on my basses, both their tone and feel. Other folks might not.

It’s all good. Strings are totally personal choices.


I’m a flats man​:+1::sunglasses:,
Cheers Brian

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I generally prefer rounds, but I have recently tried tape wounds (which I wouldn’t call “flats”), in order to try something new and keep an open mind, and I have to say I am actually very positively surprised by them.

These were D’Addario flat wounds and they have a unique feel, in my opinion a much better feel than flats, and they also sound great, brighter than flats, and without any “extra” string noises (scraping etc), but with lots of warmth and low end.

You need to be aware that they are typically low tension strings, and so some adjustment to your setup and your style of playing might be warranted. Maybe this was what made them feel not “suited” for you at your current skill level!?!

I put them on my P bass, which I never really quite gelled with, and it was like I had a brand new bass and playing it was a lot of fun all of a sudden.

In my view, tape wounds are NOT flats, but a type of string all of its own, and I think I will use them more often in the future.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you, but as we all have realized (or will realize at some point), strings are a very personal choice, and whatever YOU feel happy with playing are the strings for you.


Tapes are quite different than flats for sure. Tone wise somewhere in the middle.
I’ve got rounds, tapes, flats on various basses.

I have the LaBella tapes on a semi-hollow Fender and the D’Addario tapes on an Aerodyne. They are both awesome and are very different. They are a bit of a specialty string IMO and create amazing tones but are not a all-around string. I love what they do though. I use the Aerodyne with tapes for practice quite a lot as I like them with the pickups on that bass.

I’ve also got a set of gold flats on a P bass. Lots more sustain. I’ve tried LaBella white tapes as well but did not like them much. They felt way too “rubbery” to me but has some interesting tone (they came on a 5 string).

I did a post a while ago about finding your tone on strings and pickups. And bass. The combo has to work for you all around.

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I just put some La Bella Nylon Tape Wound 760N on my P-Bass and I am loving it.

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I have them on a P and they are outstanding!
I also do like the D’Addario black nylon strings, very different, but also very cool. I have them on a different PJ.


Feel the same, D’Addario black nylon is great I have that on my sterling short scale feels great. I also have several La Bella gold tape wound on a few of my basses. Another great sets of tapewounds.