Lawalin Guitars
Anybody have any experience with their insanely cool and overpriced instruments?


Handmade by bassist Jason Lawalin in Indiana, of composite materials. Haven’t found anything that actually reviews how they sound or play, vs. how they look, yet. Just one article (no review) in 2017 at NoTreble, and a post at TalkBass saying you could use one of the LED lighted models instead of a Christmas tree.

Here’s a video of his purple carbon fiber model being played (30 sec.), and a soundcheck video of another of his guitars (about a minute).


I have a great and powerful need for a purple glowing bass…

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@Koldunya They don’t glow, but how about a a Lindo PDB Short Scale Purple Dove Electric Bass Guitar and Hard Case? Or the 34" version of the same, both with flying dove fret inlays? Links are to the right handed models. Made in, and shipped from, the UK.


Oh yeah, I’m waiting for “in stock” status right now, lol. The 2.0 is out of this world.