Lead guitar and bass

Friend has been playing lead guitar for about 6 years and I recently bought a bass about 2 months ago. Apparently improve is the only thing I need to play good. And if I cant do that there no point one playing. I’d like honest opinions on this because I’m honestly thinking of pawning my bass at this point. It’s becoming more of a pissy conversation than helpful


I’m not sure I got the question. Do you want tips on how to improve your improv skills, is that it?


I’m certainly glad your friend has cracked the code on what it takes to be a good bassist. I’m pretty sure there are music schools and programs shuttering their doors and windows as we speak. On a much more serious note, a solid basics foundation will put better note selection under your fingers, more study will tell you why those are the right notes. Learning music already recorded by others will provide you with an arsenal of ideas of what sounds good over what the other members of the group are doing. Armed with all of this ever growing knowledge base your improvisational skills will begin to take shape. If knowledge was not required you could throw a bass into a gorilla’s cage push record and declare everything that follows as the baseline (no pun intended) for genius.


Welcome aboard @Ogwolf69,
I’m not sure I understand your question ?
But I will say this, without a bass guitarist in a band you don’t really have a band.
Sure guitarists can hold their own etc, but having bass and drums humming along out the back to keep it all together fills the space nicely.
Cheers Brian


Welcome @Ogwolf69.
Like others I’m not really sure about the question, but if that comment above came from your friend, I have to say it’s not a particularly insightful, or very helpful.
Maybe just enjoy your bass (however you play) and worry less about what your friend thinks?
Your friend has no right to tell anyone to give up an instrument…


Yeah, or even worse if that came from random people on the internet - I’d just ignore it in that case.

Play what you like and have fun!