Learner from China

Hi All, I am using VPN to log on to the website, the video legging is real, do you guys have any suggestions on how to solve the problem?



No suggestions here, but welcome! I got to tour China last year, and had to use VPNs for the first time. Everything was tougher and slower! Hope it all works for you.


@Ming Welcome to BassBuzz!

Troubleshooting buffering problems with VPN can be a very technical process and is beyond the scope of what I would expect to find here on the BassBuzz forum.

Having said that, I did find this for you…

It’s not comprehensive of all the things that can be having an affect but it is a starting point and will give you an idea of where to look if the included suggestions don’t help.

Good luck @Ming. The B2B course is great. I hope you’re able to work out usable access.