Learning the bass fretboard. Tips and tricks

Hi Guys
I am trying my best to learn how to navigate the fretboard and I am looking tips and tricks to help me.
The two things I am doing at the moment is memorise the string names at each dot so fret 3 is G C F Bb Fret five is A D G C etc and the other thing I am doing is trying to play chord progressions and riffs on different parts of the neck or even a single string.

What are you doing to know you neck?


Paul @studio,

Check out this thread:

Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:


@Jazzbass19 a really good thread! It reminded me of Mrs. Matney’s 12th grade physics class, “Don’t memorize all the formulas; derive them!” Applies to the fret board as well, memorize a few anchor points, and then use the relationships to quickly derive the rest. Eventually you’ll just know where it’s all at!


I have just learned an awesome way of becoming really familiar with the fretboard.

Play lots of songs from chord sheets and to break the monotony of your basslines, just try to add bits from other parts of the neck.

I have just spent the day playing The Girl from Ipanema and my fretboad knowledge has come on in leaps and bounds.

So, my favourite trick is not a trick at all. It is just play the bloody bass alot and it will come. Who would have thunk it


Good trick.
Maybe… best trick.


Just think of typing. Same concept. At first you don’t know where the letters are. Then you know roughly where the letters are. With enough practice you can type without looking. You don’t actually have to study typing. You just need to put the time in and pay attention to what you are doing so your brain is in the right mode.