Led light for fingerboard and side dots

I’m doing homework on the fingerboard and side dots led light system. I’ve seen a few but not a lot of details. There are a lot of the stickers type which I’m not interested. I want it to be built in to the finger board and all of the wires under.

If any of the fine members here have done some research into this please share the experience.

Thanks guys.

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This probably isn’t any help to you, but Chris Wolstenholme uses basses with LEDs in them, and it seems the company that makes his signature bass has quite a few models with LEDs built into them:


Yeah thanks. I like that one too. I have a status jazz neck.

It seems like the nice system already build into the neck, but they don’t sell the the system. Lol.

Warwick offers it as an option too, and yeah lots of smaller makers like Status Graphite or Vellmor will do it.

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Yeah sadly they don’t offer them separately. I want to use it in my next build.