Leland Sklar YouTube series

Just found this 20 minutes ago. Leland Sklar has been doing a daily video on YouTube, guess he is stuck at home like the rest of us. He talks about “stuff” and plays some songs from a Phil Collins tour he was on. Check it out if you’re a fan. Dig the blue bass he has, anybody know what brand it is?


This one?
Leland Sklar Signature Dingwall Bass


That’s the one. Sooo pretty.

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Dingwalls are incredible.

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Those slanted frets make me ocd

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The variable scale length that they allow is going to do very nice things for string tension on the B and E strings though.

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@Gadget Do you have a link?

Just go on YouTube and type in Leland Sklar.

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Yeah, I did that. There were so many interviews and documentaries I couldn’t find what you were talking about.

I’m not good at posting links, try this.

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That works. Thanks.