Lesson 28 of 109 -- Loving It


I hit Lesson #28 of 109, Billy Jean, string crossing - very hard for me, but Josh has built up my confidence so much to this point, I know I can conquer this, and keep going! Love your style Josh, very positive, very encouraging, and also excellent instruction! I love that I’m playing parts of songs as we go along, not scale drills! I’ve got musician friends that are super encouraging too! So I’m having a BLAST!!! I’m finally doing it, I’m learning to play the bass guitar!!!


Hey @pat! I’m happy you’re having fun! And glad you have the confidence to keep moving past the roadblocks, it’s a useful muscle to build as the roadblocks just keep coming. :slight_smile:


I’m on Lesson 39 or 40 now, did conquer Billy Jean at Lesson 28. Yep, learning how to power through road blocks, is important! I love the variety of music Josh, and how you’re teaching me groove, timing, hearing and listening, and so much more as I have fun playing! Killer course!


That’s great Pat! Powering through road blocks = life as a creative person, IMO, so it’s always good to build that muscle.