Lesson Series: Sight Reading Included?

I just started the lessons, and early on, TAB and the beat chart are introduced. Does this series use sight reading and theory at some point, or is that supplemental? If that’s the case, I’ll start looking for formal music theory courses while doing this.

Or is that not the right way to do this? I developed really bad habits with bass, and after not playing for 15 years, I want to start over. Right.


If I’m not mistaken you’re introduced to classical notation on Module 5. You’ll get essential pieces of theory here and there but nothing too deep, as it’s not the scope of this course.

Of course it will depend on your goals, but I’d say do the course first and then assess where to go next.


Alright, thanks for the insight. There’s a full course on music theory on youtube. Maybe in between these lessons, I can watch the lectures. From my understanding, theory is really important. I just need to get off my lazy butt and learn, lol


Once more, depending on your goals and it’s just my suggestion:

@JoshFossgreen has the gift of explaining complex topics with simple ideas.

Maybe wait until you start the theory lessons, where you’ll have good enough grasp on the concept without it being too overwhelming. And then expand on it with supplementary courses/lessons/etc.

This course is an excellent starting point for technique and theory


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I just wanted to say that I agree.
While B2B does not go into sight reading the course provides you with everything you need to start practicing sight reading. So If you feel that the theory part of B2B itself is not enough then you can add the theory lessons but… the theory is there in B2B - at least for the most common things about notation.
Sight reading is something you “just” have to practice anyway.

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Yes and no.
One can be able to play and sound good without knowing anything about the music theory. But as soon as you want to write songs, understand why some combination of notes sounds good and others not, want to improvise with confidence… then at least a little bit of music theory comes into play.
But honestly you don’t need a lot of theory to play and everything you actually need to play is in B2B

@dprkforum Here’s what I did:

B2B forms the core curriculum for my bass study. It has carried me far in my studies.

I have supplemented it with material from Josh’s two YT channels, and I took a dedicated Sight Reading course on the side in parallel.

All that satisfies me and scratches my music theory itch as well.

I don’t know what Josh’s plans are for his next course; I think he’s left some of it to this forum’s input. I am excited to see what he has in store. If it’s a sight reading course, I’ll buy that too.


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Yes! As @gcancella said, sheet music comes in in Module 5, and lots more theory follows. Every module introduces new theory concepts along with the other material.

If I were you, I’d finish the course, then see if you’re still wanting for theory, rather than go concurrently. Up to you though!