Lesson tracking functionality I'd like to see in the future

Initially I thought I might include this in the WWYLTS in the Next Course thread, but since it’s not about actually playing the bass I decided to stick it in the Lounge.

I would love it if in “My Lessons” a module/section could be marked as complete without having to do all of the workouts.

With Josh’s encouragement, I’ve kept moving forward in the course even when the fast workouts are beyond my skill-comfort level. I leave them unchecked because I have every intention of revisiting them, but this leads to some confusion in tracking.

When the Lessons page is collapsed it looks like I’m still on Module 3 even though I’m midway through Module 7:

The “Continue/Resume Lessons” button likes to troll me by taking me back to my nemesis, Billie Jean. :laughing: (I presume this button works properly if you complete all the workouts.)

I do keep track on paper where I am in the course (thank you Josh for the charts), but it would save time if I could get to where I need to be in just two mouse clicks.

Reading that last sentence back sounds kind of primadonna-ish :sweat_smile:, but this is a request not a demand. It can’t hurt to ask, right?


Good suggestion!


Good suggestion, I will tag @JoshFossgreen for you.


Hey @emme, you can kinda already do that, just not from the course home. If you just click to the page of the lesson/workout you want to mark completed, you can check the “Mark as Completed” button above the player. If you do that for all the workouts it should then be marked completed on your Course Home.

Not as slick as having a button right there, but if you pop then all open in new tabs, I bet you could get it all done in 1-2 minutes. :slight_smile:

But noted for future course improvements for sure! And thanks @T_dub for the tag.


I could…though I was sort of hoping to keep them unchecked so returning to the “ass kickers” at a later date would be easier. But in the name of moving forward on this first go through of the course, I’ll go with your method. :metal:


Ah gotcha. You could work around that by marking them in your Course Booklet, either on paper or in the PDF version. Or write down on any ol sheet of paper if you wanna get old fashioned. :slight_smile:


@JoshFossgreen, I know there may be another thread for it, but since I am here…
Can fonts (like font size and color) be added to the text field options in the bar above, like next to Bold and Italic?

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Not that I know of… plus it would turn threads into an eye sore, I’m guessing. Too many font sizes/colors/etc. makes designers everywhere cringe. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can see it if overused, and since you can’t control the use, then it could get ugly. Wold be nice to turn a key word Red here or there, but not at the expense of turning the whole forum into a graffiti wall.

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How about the ability to mark a lesson a favorite so its easy to come back later and go thru it again?


I understand that adding sizes and colors for fonts could be problematic, but how about adding an underline option, and even something like a strikethrough? Just a suggestion.

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Hey @jeff7 , that’s definitely on the list!

@Never2Late, yeah those would be nice options, dunno why they’re not in Discourse by default. I can look into that!

EDIT: You can underline and strikethrough, it’s just not in the visual interface.
[u]text here[/u]
[s]text here[/s]


Thanks for explaining how to do it!