Life upended

Haven’t posted in awhile, been busy settling into our new home abroad.

Yesterday, I had to go to the hospital for some unusual pain. Long story made short: my cervical spine is wrecked from degenerative disc disease. After getting the medical Ok, I am now on a flight to the USA for likely spinal surgery.

I won’t be able to play bass or guitar for awhile. Maybe I’ll try keyboard. A little off topic, but does anyone have recommendations?


Ouch! I hope that you’ll get the medical attention your body needs and have a successful and speedy recovery.

Well if weight is a problem then check out Kala Ubass or Tiny boy bass, they are much smaller and lighter.


I’m very sorry to hear about your health problems. I really hope things go well for you in the USA.
@howard may be able to chip in with regards to the keyboard thing


All the best, and here’s to a speedy recovery. Please take good care of yourself.


Sheesh… so sorry to hear.

Good thing is you have a diagnosis… and a potential treatment! Best of luck!

While not the same as actively playing, you can enjoy music by listening - not just for enjoyment but for learning. And, you can figure out stuff using pencil and paper only; I often do that when I am traveling without an instrument!


For keyboard, lessons, or surgery? lol



Extremely sorry to hear about what you’re going through.

I can help a little with keyboard recommendations:

I really like Arturia’s products. Their MIDI controller keyboards all come with a license for Analogue Lab, which will give you a very large number of instruments to play with.

They are not the cheapest but for price/quality I am extremely happy with them. I would recommend one of the KeyLabs with full size keys. I owned one of these and it would be an outstanding entry level controller that will take you a long, long way:

Novation is another good brand for controllers but you’ll get a smaller number of instruments with them.

Native Instruments also makes very good stuff and will come with an intro version of Komplete, which is not bad software at all.


So sorry to hear. Hope things get better quick


For keyboard, I suppose.

I can’t lift much of anything and my right arm is damn near useless at the moment. Hopefully surgery will fix that, but until I can play again, I figure learning an instrument I can play will help with theory and such


Keyboards are the best way to learn theory, FWIW. Much easier than on stringed, it’s all very visual.

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@howard I will check those out. Money isn’t much of an issue so I should be able to get something nice.


Sweet. If money isn’t an issue I would definitely go Arturia, either a KeyLab Essential or KeyLab Mk. II (which is what I use).

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I’m investigating the differences between the two as the difference is very substantial. I generally prefer to buy gear that I will not outgrow.

Generally the Mark II is more of a professional quality instrument; more metal parts, more features, etc. The Essential is more entry level (but still not bad at all). The keybed on the Mark II feels better to me as well.

When you see some of the professional producers on their channels, quite often their main rig will be a Mark II. Venus Theory has the same one I do, for example:

If you can afford it I would definitely recommend the Mark II, but it is not cheap. In my opinion you do get what you pay for here, but this is kind of like jumping in to bass with a MIA Fender or MIG Warwick.

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I have an MAudio Hammer88 that I love, but have to sell due to my right hand being partially immobilized after a recent sugery. PM me if interested.

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