Lightweight tuning machines

I’m thinking about a tuning machine upgrade to reduce weight. I’m looking for the traditional clover looking keys, but not picky about what the back of the headstock looks like. I know hipshot exists, but what else is out there and worth checking on?

Gotoh Res-o-lites are pretty nice.

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Original Sire tuners vs the Res-o-lites.


I second that : I have both the Gotoh GB528 and Gotoh GB640 (4L), and love them both (with a slight preference for the former). The GB528 are now installed on a Sire marcus miller V5R ALDER-4 NT RN, with success (along with some noob mistakes)

Is that metric or inch-gallon-ounces?

Just for fun (metric, so that would be gram):

Gotoh GB707

Wilkinson JB-350 (from my HB shorty)

definitely not Freedom Units. 88 ounces would be a lot even for Harley Benton.

Gotoh universally makes great stuff; just bought a set myself. An alternative to the Res-o-lites is also Hipshot in the US. The US made ones are machined aluminum, which is nice.

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I prefer to measure in grams. I like to use weights in recipes too rather than measure out teaspoons and tablespoons and cups and pints and fluid freaking ounces and whatnot. Only use imperial units under duress and because I pretty much have to most of the time.


Same except for me I almost never have to any more. Ever since learning metric as a kid I wondered why we never went with it in the US, which got reinforced hard by physics and chemistry classes later.

Just imagining doing chemistry in SAE units makes me smile. Forget grams per milliliter, we’re going 1/3000th slugs per quarterounce, baby.


If we made everyone do thermodynamics we’d be metric in a week. How many btus/hour to heat twenty gallons of water 30F in ten minutes?

How about watts to heat 80 liters of water 15C in ten minutes?

I can do one of those in my head without looking up any conversions.


hahaha exactly


Not metric vs Imperial again. :scream:


I have absolutely no freakin’ idea about imperial units, it’s SI units all the way for me, they are logical. Imperial are not.

I’m British. At school on the 70s / 80s we were taught in metric units despite wider society still using the lb / oz / inches / feet / F etc. I remember the 1cm³ (look at me with that superscript 3 :rofl:) wooden bricks that were used to teach the system in primary school. I went on to study a science at university; my goodness, imagine trying to do the maths using Imperial :face_with_spiral_eyes:.

What I’ve found odd in the U.K., is that post BREXIT, the media seem to have reverted to Imperial measurements for most things. “We’re British, we don’t want any foreign measurement systems here…” Imperial is not taught in schools and probably never will be - my 10 year old daughter has no idea what a ft is!

Anyway, the nurd in me really wants to work out the moment, the impact of lighter machine heads on neck dive! Fortunately, none of my basses dive (one did, that white Hagstrom - it drove me nuts, I sold it!) so I’ve nothing to measure and experiment with :rofl:


1km = 1000m
1m = 100cm
1cm = 10mm


1 mile = 1760 yards
1 yard = 3 feet
1 foot (???) = 12 inches
Subdivisions of an inch are typically written using dyadic fractions with odd number numerators

Any questions?


the unit of mass is the slug
thats all you need to know

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I rest my case…


Only Imperial unit I’m familiar with is pints :beer::sweat_smile:


Yards are used mainly irt football ('Murican football). We mostly stick to feet.

1 mile = 5280ft = 1.6km

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yep. We also have leagues (3 miles) and furlongs (660 feet) but never use them.

Actually wait, furlongs are used for horse racing. Nevermind, another f’ed up Freedom Unit still in use.

Which are clearly inferior to liters for measuring beer.

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Never had any trouble with the volume of a pint. If it ever seems inadequately small, I just order another. Problem solved.

I’ve never understood why some get their knickers in a massive twist about metric versus Imperial. Just carry on counting, measuring and weighing however makes you happy, and accept that others might not do it the same as you. :thinking: