Line 6 HX Stomp

I have been looking at getting a Line 6 HX Stomp. I want to try a bunch of effects and play with sound in general and thought this might be the way to go. I figure it would be cheaper in the long run to get the Stomp rather than buying all the pedals individually. That said the Stomp is not cheap. Also I have no experience with effects pedals so I was also wondering if the learning curve on the Stomp might be quite big. I would rather spend the time practicing rather than tinkering with it. Does anyone have any experience with the Stomp? Any feedback would be welcome as I must say I am finding it difficult to decide which way to go. Thanks!


I bought the stomp for the exact same reason. It didn’t took me long to understand how it works… You can get started with the default bass presets that are factory loaded on the device and the quick start manual is really clear on how the basic controls work. It has the same learning curve as any other multi fx unit.

But the Helix has a LOT more depth and functionality to it when you start creating your own presets. You can park that for later when you have more experience.

I know @itsratso also has one so maybe he can share his experience too?

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Thanks Paul!

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there is a definite learning curve to it. but that’s to be expected with something that is as powerful as the stomp is. learn the basics first. one thing that may be a problem for you at first, depending on your preferences is like most (all?) of these multi effects, it can be programmed either by the pedal itself or by usb into your computer. i would download the manual for your preferred learning style (pedal or computer, they have a manual for both) and browse it a few times. i actually made a cliff notes cheat sheet of the important functions for the computer programming. but it’s also not something to be intimidated by, you’ll get the hang of it fairly quickly. and it really does sound very good.


If you want to get in less expensive with a similar type of unit there’s the Zoom B3n and B1four. Same idea as the Stomp but more entry level. You can learn a whole lot with them, and they are high enough quality to gig with. And then you can resell them and step up to the Stomp later if you like.

I think this is a universal constant for multieffects units - the presets are decent demos but the real power is in making your own effects and amp chains :slight_smile:


Having previously owned both the Zoom B1Four and the Zoom B3n, I can attest that they are both good MEPs, both as entry level and for gigging. However, I rather prefer the simplicity of adjusting knobs on a pedal over all the contortions of making adjustments on the box or the computer. However, whichever one you get (Zoom or LIne 6 or whatever), it’s the best way to find out what effects best suit you. It’s a lot cheaper than experimenting with expensive pedals that you end up selling for a loss.
The issue I have with Multi Effects Processors in general; they all come packed with all kinds of extra features that I don’t want or need. All I want are effects… not a looper, drum sounds, tuner, etc. I already have both a stand alone drum machine and a tuner, and I can simply use Reaper if I want a looper.
With all that said, If I ever did abandon my pedal board for a MEP, I would definitely get the Line 6 HX.

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In preparation to jump into the world of HX Stomp when it arrives next week I was wondering if @Paul @itsratso and any other helix users have any good websites / YouTube channels / resources to point me in the direction of; to get me started and start adjusting the stock patches to something useable.

So far I’ve found Dr Tone’s Helix Bass Lab which at least gives me what he thinks are good base settings for the included patches to get me going.



Never really been a guy to copy other patches, sorry. I just come up with my own stuff. I have seen that Dr. Helix page, seems pretty legit. Ironically, I recently moved into my new house and most of my stuff is still in boxes, including the hx so I’m using just a bare bones setup for a while.

Yeah no problem. I just wondered if you’d come across any content to fast track my learning. Like a bass specific YouTube channel. I’ll obviously read the manual :face_with_monocle:

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One thing I would recommend is do not pass up the chance to pick up Helix Native at the discounted price. Not necessarily now but definitely activate it before you sell the thing, if you ever do.

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Like Itsratso I mainly experimented with the patches as well. Good starting point for me were the vids from Tyler Spicer. This is his complete playlist about the Helix:

The only patches I did purchase were the Metallica bass patches from Choptones: Cliff Tribute vol.1 Bass Pack for Line6 Helix – ChopTones

Hope this helps!


Not bass specific, but Jason Sadites has some great tutorials on the Helix. Check out his Line 6 Helix - How To Create Great Tones or How To Create A QUICK Great Tone playlists.

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I own the stomp and have enjoyed it quite a bit as a direct to PA pedal. The cool part is I can still use it with an amp as an effects pedal. +1 on getting Helix native for a discount when they offer it if you do a lot on the computer. The bass distortions and amp models in the Line 6 stuff seem really good to me. Currently I’m mainly using an amp and plan to start assembling a pedal board around the Stomp.

I want to mention that it is way easier to modify settings with the Stomp via the computer since the pedal format is somewhat small. The form factor can be a big benefit though over something larger like the Helix.


This is a very helpful, searchable database of all the helix effects and what they’re based on.

Helix Effect Finder v3.15 (


Really cool site!

when i got my current amp setup with phil jones cabinets, i debated long and hard between it and an aguilar combo. i’m happy with the phil’s, but you know that little thing in your head that says hmm, maybe…

just saw that the latest update for helix includes the tone hammer head and two different aguilar bass cab’s. so it looks like i got my aguilar setup afterall. that is if i ever get my practice room finished and my hx stomp out of the box it’s in. :frowning_face: