Line6 HX Stomp vs. Boss GT-1000CORE

I am currently wondering which one I should get.
Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Line6: has a greater selection of effects, greater selection of amps (though I think for bass, it would be a good idea to get the additional bass pack, which costs another … 100$?).

Boss: I can use more effects at the same time, though from a smaller selection. In the Line6 it is 6 effects simultanously (and depending on the effects, it might not even have to power to run 6, from what I heard), vs. the Boss that can support 24 effects in one patch.

Also, the Boss can have up to 3 paths, and the divider doesn’t only have the ability to go either/or or both paths, but you can also add a LPF, enable a path via some parameters like volume (so you could add distortion basically depending on your picking strenght), which sounds like a cool feature to play around with.

What I was thinking right now about the Line6: it has the added bonus off being able to get the DAW plugin for 99$, which would, as long as I am using my computer for example to record, make it that I could basically use 12 patches, which should be more than enough.

What would you choose? If I bought the HX Stomp + the DAW plugin, they would basically be the same price right now.

Though right now, I think I will wait until end of November, maybe some good black friday sales will come up.

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I don’t know much about these types of things, but you may want to throw this in the running too as long as you are at it…


The Quad Cortex is the king, sure, but double the price.

I would personally go with the HX Stomp here precisely because you get Helix Native for $99 too. In fact all I really want is Helix Native :rofl:

But really either choice would be good.

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Wow, this thing looks amazing with its touch screen! That would definitely be the thing I’d get if money wasn’t a thing to consider! :smiley:

“Want to run four amplifier models, stereo reverbs, and a plethora of other effects simultaneously? Quad Cortex won’t even break a sweat.”
From what I found out from my research, amp modelling is kinda the hardest on the hardware, so running 4 amp models is not a small feat, I think.

Regarding the HX Stomp: Does Helix Native even have the 6 block limit, or is it like: whatever the computer can handle? My computer should be able to handle a lot.


Good question, not sure, but I would imagine it’s probably not limited? Or at least if there is a limit it might be the Helix Rack limit or something, not the Stomp.

I want it mostly for the set of amp sims it has. Line6 makes really good amp sims. (I already have other plugins covering the other effects in the DAW.)

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Yes, you are right. I mean, it is Helix Native. Not “HX Stomp Native”. So I am pretty sure it should be able to do more.

Yes, the Amp sims on the Helix should be better than the ones from Boss, from what I understand. Boss also just released a Hardware just for Amp Sims (the Boss IR-200).
I guess they would rather have you buy both the IR-200 and the GT-1000, so I don’t see them updating the GT-1000 with new Amp sims anytime soon.


FYI - to date I’ve seen zero of my pedals break a sweat :rofl:

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FYI it can do 8 now after the 3.0 firmware update


I vote for the HX Stomp. Awesome device and very intuitive to use.


That is a very interesting info. Because earlier I was thinking: Hm, if it just was two blocks more that could be used, that would be kind off an sweet spot for me :smiley:

Helix Native has a 15 day trial, so I could even kinda testdrive the Stomp with that and see if it fits.