List of play-along songs with synchronised tabs on Youtube

Chris can you add some difficulty rating for the songs. There are a lot of songs I don’t know and it would be a lot easier for me to find something I could master. :slight_smile:

Hey, I could! In fact I have thought about this a little.
The problem is that some tracks are difficult for some people and not for others, depending on their skills and preferences.

I have my Tonelib collection (about 700 songs, with about 2000 more in the pipeline) ordered like this:

  • Memorize - candidates for “Post your Covers”. This is what I actually try to play every day…
  • Warmup
  • Simple pattern
  • Medium pattern
  • Hard pattern
  • Fast

But I keep moving stuff back & forth as I learn to play more. Also I ignore complicated bars sometimes so I can put them in a simpler category (but in fact those can be hard). Or I put it in an easy category just to find out it was wishful thinking as some tracks sound easier than it is to play them.

So, bottom line: it makes almost no sense for me to categorize songs for others. I’m afraid you need to listen to the songs. I also have to do that, when I create videos with music that others requested and I don’t really like…

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Song: Jesus Built My Hotrod
Artist: Ministry
Tuning: standard EADG

If you can play this and post it on “Post your Covers” I will buy you a beer when I’m in the neighbourhood :slight_smile:


Song: Hapiness in Slavery
Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Tuning: standard EADG

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Du überschätzt meine Fähigkeiten gewaltig :rofl::rofl::v:

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Wer drei richtige Bässe hat, muss sowas spielen können :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for doing this, I really appreciate it!


You’re welcome - tell me if you have any wishes!

Song: Bloodletting
Artist: Concrete Blonde
Tuning: standard EADG

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Chris -

I’m curious about the process for these videos?
How does the program decide on what rhythm to write out?


Well, again: mostly I use the tracks in

If I don’t find it, then a really tedious process starts - either with a good GP/MIDI files or I need to synch automatically with Go Playalong. That can be hit and miss - but mostly good enough to practice.
All my experiments with Moises, Anthemscore and RipX DAW failed unfortunately.

And if I reall really really want good GPs, I ask @alex_b to transcribe it. He does that very well!!!

It does weird weird things with tempos too, which I suspect is it detecting real issues in the original recordings, but the music should absolutely not be notated with the tempo changing by 1-2 BPM every couple bars.

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The tempo changes are done by go playalong.

You can always play with the trial versions of tonelib jam and go playalong to understand what it’s doing…

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Yeah, I have no doubt they are accurate to errors in the original recordings (tape stretch, etc) - but they should not exist in the notation like that. If you were a band playing this live there is a 0% chance you would try and do that, unless maybe you were Radiohead. No drummer is that masochistic.

You can always remove the tempo “corrections” using guitar pro. The PDF in the other post shows the results for that.

Here it is

Concrete-Blonde_Bloodletting_v1_p.pdf (573.4 KB)

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Sure, just saying - this software kind of falls prey to the same thing that DAWs do with MIDI or other shared electronic files. All DAWs I know of can produce notation from MIDI files; it’s just that that notation is often very funky and not how a human would write it. Same thing goes for what @Gio pointed out in the other thread.

These are cool and it’s neat that you are sharing these, but also it’s important to remember that they share the same quality issues with online tabs - they are very similarly vulnerable to both transcription error and also software quirks, depending on how generated.

I tried correcting tabs on UltimateGuitar for a while but it was futile from the start :rofl:


Yeah. But the main thing is: with the help of these videos it’s easy to play along.
For a beginner that is worth a lot.
Since I discovered those possibilities, I play songs every day. And that’s what it’s all about for me :slight_smile:

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Yep that’s the important thing!

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Song: Sir Duke
Artist: Stevie Wonder
Tuning: standard EADG

In this one, the computer thinks beat 4 is beat 1.

It’s always weird when they’re so smart, yet also… not.