List of songs

Is there a llst of all 50 songs in their sequence?

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Hi Pam,

You can find it on this post by @JT: 50 First Songs 100 Week Challenge


Thanks, that’s totally different from the 50 songs that @JoshFossgreen included in the 50 First Song Pack though.

The only difference is that I grouped them alphabetically by difficulty. It’s the same 50 songs as is on that mini site. You can also use the link in that post to get the whole list, sort it alphabetically, and then it matches the order in that list exactly.


Ah okay, I didn’t realize you had reordered the list. Now I see :slight_smile:

The only reason I asked is because I noticed one of the songs I’ve already covered is on that list, and I was thinking of submitting it to the 50 song challenge so I can at least say I participated LOL


Join the party @PamPurrs !!

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LOL thanks @JDDaniel
One thing you have to understand about me is I am not a “participant”, never have been. I do my own thing and am generally repelled by anything that smacks of groupthink.
I hate line dancing, for example. I’m that dancer on the dance floor doing my own thing and having a merry time, while everyone else is all stressed out about whether or not they are conforming to the proper steps.
That’s just me, and I’ll never change.


Gotcha @PamPurrs, you’re a trailblazer (aka rebel - LOL).

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 14.09.09

I am with you there, but will refrain from further comments regarding line dancing here as they are VERY politically Incorrect and likely offensive, and it is not my style (to be offensive). They are funny however (if even in my opinion only - LoL) but could be offensive in nowadays.

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Please tell me by “doing my own thing” you mean break dancing. That would be epic. :slight_smile:



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I am generally the exact same.

Hate line dancing.
Hate any song played at a wedding that someone runs over to you and tries to drag you out on the floor to dance to (Celebration, We Are Family, etc).
I actually broke my arm one time dancing in a cage (this was many many years ago obviously, in the days of techno) and would happily do it again if asked (no one is asking to see me dance in a cage now and I get it) but despise ‘weddings group dance’.

That said, I am doing the challenge as it is something I would NEVER do, haha, see, reverse logic there. And it actually got me over my fear of making videos of myself and posting them, something I have never done prior. Now I just want to do them all to prove i can do it (for myself).


I’m glad that most of them are already in my list.