Little satisfactions

Today was the day i managed to play:

a) “Billie Jean” (the real song, not the (in)famous Josh’s lesson…:slight_smile: :wink:) over M. J.;
b) “I Feel Good” (i know the real name is another but it goes by I Feel Good by anyone) by J.B.; and
c) Beat It (even if i had to tune down my bass by a half-tone: it sounds like it’s in Eflat minor).

Childish satisfactions, but still I too feel good tonight :-)-

Anyone fancy to share his/her/their little bass progression satisfactions?

Have you all a great time :slight_smile:


a and b were also very satisfactory moments in the learning curve and I also had them.

Nowadays I use yousician for my daily practice if I don’t want to learn something in particular and everytime I get all gold stars is awesome, even for easy songs. Although it’s more about sight reading for me than about playing for most songs at this point.


Great job, @SirJoe !
My childish satisfaction in these days is the riff the bass plays along with Angus Young at 2:50" in “Back in black” . I’m about mastering it, but it is terribly fast for an old man :slight_smile:


Good job! I am slowly working on the first songs of the 50 song challenge and my left hand fingers are slowly learning not to fly away…


Not playing related, but today I adjusted a truss rod for the first time ever, and contrary to my expectations I did not ruin the setup / break the neck / strip the nut / set the bass on fire / etc. Instead I actually improved things, and now everything feels perfect. I kind of feel like I’m a luthier now.


Every Luthier begun somehow! Well done!


Awesome! I am struggling with module 4 right now and Billie Jean will be my next lesson tomorrow. Just looking at the sheet music intimidates me. I can‘t imagine, how someone can play this even halfway decent, not to mention along with the original recording! You did an amazing job, if you can do that!

Sometimes we tend to forget how far we have come and I think it is important to acknowledge the achievements you have made.

I am super impressed! Well done! You are a hero! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


It’s an awesome feeling when you’ve worked on something and finally conquered it, no matter how big or small. I think it’s really important to take a second and pat yourself on the back for practicing and persisting. Well done :clap:


I have been practicing diatonic chord progressions in G, A, and E and have them under my fingers. I am working on C. I played with a metronome at 160 bpm and was able to connect to each one and not lose time. Mindless noodling but shows that I am getting faster and cleaner. I finally also nailed “Some Kind of Wonderful” at tempo. This was my B2B nemesis.


hell yes!
A killer bass song, and not an easy one.
Well done!


Surprisingly, BJ was not a problem but “Some Kind Of Wonderful” gave me fits at full tempo.


It’s that swing feel!
Sometimes playing evenly spaced completely metronomic grooves is easier than something like this (SKOW) where you have to give it that perfect swinging/skipping/loping rhythm.
I hear you!
Kudos for sure.


Some Kind of Wonderful was not a problem. I’ve played so much Chicago shuffle rhythm guitar all my life, the feel is natural.

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