Live Drum Playlist on YouTube - Ideal Practice Jams

Hi all you lovelies.

I went looking for funky beats to play to and started making a playlist of live drummers playing rad drum parts.
Anyone else do this in their practice time?
I feel like I’m becoming friends with Max Sansalone. He doesn’t know it, but we have had some killer jams together.
If anyone wants to enjoy this playlist or has other drummers they like to jam with, drop the links!

The difference in my playing when I can see a human playing drums (even if it’s through a screen) is so different, that I’ve been leaning more and more on these videos for scales and fingering warmups. Everything becomes music when the beat is right.


This is great stuff, @Gio ! I am technically challenged, however: I only seem to see one video, and wonder how I might get to the playlist!?!

Your post reminded me of a little educational video series, where my favorite bass player, Frans Vollink, was involved, and those guys had promised me the bass-less versions of those tracks, but not yet delivered - just sent them a reminder :smile: Here is one of the videos (they have about 15 different ones):

Maybe not really be the same as your example, as these tracks are fully composed and arranged, but still good training to learn to play with a drummer, I think.


Fun stuff, eh?
For the playlist - if you click the YouTube logo on the video here in the forum - when I do it, it takes me to the full playlist.
Lemme know what you see when that happens.
It’s a public playlist and I shared the playlist link, just not sure if it’s all working.

I remember you mentioning the duo track!
That is killer playing.
Just drummers playing live is so damn fun.

Along the top of the embedded video is a little white icon - three lines and a little play button. For me, that accesses the whole playlist video order/selection here in BassBuzz.
Lemme know if that works!


Yep, it’s all good, Gio. The playlist is there and accessible.

Thanks for the heads up! This will be some kind of fun. :drum:


Ah, yes, thanks, it was there all the time… just didn’t realize what it was I was looking at (with focus on infinity, I am sure) :wink:

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