Looking for Chorus/ reverb pedal

Chorus with reverb is a pretty common thing in the guitar world but apparently it’s not so with bass. In fact, I can’t find a bass reverb pedal at all on sweetwater. Any ideas?


Lots of good reverb pedals shared with guitar. Boss RV-3 Reverb/Delay was my favorite (though I don’t like the RV-4 and 5 as much). TC Hall of Fame are popular, as is the EHX Ocean’s Eleven. And of course Strymon.

Chorus - my absolute favorite is the EHX Bass Clone. It has a cool crossover function to preserve the low end.

I just sold my Bass Clone and my RV-3 is up for sale now. I highly recommend finding and trying one if you can, it’s a 20 year old model but it is stellar.


I ended up buying the Electroharmonics Oceans 11


Cool! Those look awesome.

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I should receive it by Tuesday. I also got the MXR chorus pedal.


Cool. Do you think you post some examples from them?

maybe I can get a fellow band member to do some recording with me. I don’t have any sound processing equipment.

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Here is the pedal train so far (in no particular order)