Looking for first "real" bass amp

I did the BassBuzz B2B on an acoustic bass, but then ended up buying a Stingray, which I"ve been using with the bass setting on my Yamaha THR10II, which is not ideal. I think it makes sense to get an amp that works for practice but is also big enough for garage band and small gig use. I’m thinking 150-200w more or less?

Considering the Peavey MAX 250 1x15" or a Fender Rumble 200, but open to suggestions.


My first choice would be rumble or Katana.


This where my money would be going for those requirements.

Boss Katana-210 Bass

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Not sure of your budget, I love my Phil Jones bass rig, expensive stuff but very portable.

I don’t see them touted that much here, but Gallien Krueger has the MB combo amp series; Lot’s of choices on size, very lightweight and powerful. They even have powered cabinets that you add to increase power/volume. I’ve owned a couple of the MB110’s and I love them, it’s small but I have gigged with it on upright and small electric gigs (all MB’s have Di out to run to PA).
MB Combos — Gallien-Krueger

I’m not sure where you are located, but these are pretty easy to find used here in the states.

Fender’s Rumble series and Ampeg Bass Combos are pretty popular too.

Congrats on moving up to amps!

Ended up finding a virtually brand new Peavy MAX 250 1-15 on marketplace for a little over three bills. I think it’s perfect for what I need it for. It’ll shake the house, though, that’s for sure…

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