Looking for your first ? Maybe this one?

It was all alone, end of bottom shelf, almost hidden, ignored for the best, when after i finally had tried half the basses that were in that shop that day I asked “And that one ?”
Seller guy shrugged “Yeah right, sure”, followed with a bored sigh.

I took it in my hands, and truthfully, for the first time of that whole afternoon spent at that shop, it just felt…right. Its sound, its feeling, weight…it was obvious.
I was sure he’d go like “…but it is a 900$ one, Sir”…“initially 350, but this is our last and end of serie”
And me “…and this little scratch here ?” “270. Deal ?”

Hell yeah deal.
And here it is now.

Yamaha TRBX174EW !

With these features, it’s easy to see why the Yamaha TRBX174 is hailed as one of the best beginner bass guitars on the planet. For those who are just beginning to discover the wonders of playing bass, the TRBX174 is a great guitar for showing you the way. It sounds good, is easy to play, it’s lightweight and comfortable to hold and it has everything a beginner needs in a starter bass.

Even if you’re already well on your way to establishing a career in music, a basic bass like the TRBX174 would still have a place in your life. It’s a great practice or backup instrument, something you can take along with you when jamming or something you can play in times when it wouldn’t be advisable or practical to take out your more expensive gear.

This Yamaha bass is indeed incredible, but it’s not perfect for every situation and it does have some limitations. It’s not ideal for professional recording or live performances where a precise, completely controllable tone is required. The TRBX174 is simply not built for those tasks. It’s good for beginners, practice, jamming or some recording work where you need a decent-sounding bass track.

If you take into consideration its features and its price, this bass is actually more than enough. You may not get the best with the Yamaha TRBX174 – it is a beginner bass after all, not a premium-quality model – but you certainly get more than its price implies.


Do yourself a favour though: change its strings with some premium brand, and you’ll probably feel a little tear dropping from the corner of your eyes, as it made for me such of a world difference since I did !


Awesome. You can’t go wrong with a Yamaha :+1:t2:


thats exactly what i have been learning on. great bit of kit.


Hi there,

after you enjoy this a while, get your preferred setup and the bass will be super nice. I think you could even upgrade it a bit, you know, with nice knobs, a heavier bridge, possibly lighter tuners. So it’s a great base bass. :smiley:



My first bass was that exact one and it’s great. I still have it to this day and it still gets regular use. Yamaha make quality equipment thats built to last. Congrats and enjoy @xdelanoy