Luna Ukulele Bass

A ukulele bass makes a lot of sense for me. I live in a tiny space not much bigger than a bathroom so practicing bass at home is impossible. I bought an acoustic bass but it is just too big and I have nowhere to store it so it has to live in my car which means it wont live very long.
Traditionally Ukulele basses or UBass have two massive problems. One, they are bloody expensive for what they are and compared to other Ukes and Two, they usually have these god awful rubber strings.
That is why I was happy when this new uke from luna popped up on my bass radar.
It is a Luna Baritone electro acoustic Ukulele Bass and it comes with flatwounds and costs just £135
This might just be the perfect solution to practicing at home.


That’s a nice little bass, Paul @studio . . . :slight_smile:

Good luck with your search !

Cheers, Joe


I wish Fender would do a bass uke, but I think they are all higher register.

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