M.I.A missing members

@John_E Thanks man! Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time to spend when this flippin’ flat gets sorted out !

I feel your pain :wink:


Was thinking about @JT this morning, hope you are well dude.
JT was THE MAN who set up the 50 song challenge area and has been a huge add to the community here.


So, been away for some time as we have had quite the time lately. Last week we had a fire at our house. Gas grill literally blew up in my face and wood panels on the balcony caught fire and it spread all the way to the roof. Everyone, missus, kid, dog and cats are fine. I got a few burns on my face and my arms. My beard lost a few centimeters as well.

Now, what I’d like are some recommendations for some magazines to order, anything bass related, some book recommendations for music theory as we are not allowed to really enter our house and grab books as they were really in the smoke. Bass and amp was in another part of the house that remained untouched. I would really like to start learning music theory as I need something to occupy my mind. Just reading regular books won’t cut it. I’m still having a few panic attacks but it’s getting better.


Wow @Nebel this is horrible!
SO happy you are OK though.

Ari Capp 's Bass Theory is good, as is the very basic “Dummies” Series, with is general theory but theory is theory.


Sorry to hear, but glad everyone is ok. In addition to Ari’s book, Edly’s Music Theory for Practical People is good too, but it isn’t bass-centric



Ugh, that looks… awful! Glad you are all OK!

How… how did that happen?? (I own a gas grill as well) :grimacing:

If you want something a bit interactive, try the BeatoBook (by Rick Beato):
https://learn.beatobook.com/ (general music theory, and then also quite some guitar-related stuff).
(Not all people here like him… but I, on the other hand, am not too fond of Ari Cap’s style. You need to find a teacher or a teaching guide that “fits” you…)


Thanks guys, I’ll look into it and get some books ordered. @joergkutter insurance guy said most likely a malfunction, I’ve used the grill (brand is, well, was really, Ender) and said that these things are not unheard off. Maybe the regulator malfunctioned or something. Regardless he said not to worry about the insurance as they will cover it.


That’s awful. Glad your okay


Aw man that’s awful! Glad to hear everybody is okay.


Thanks Eric, I’m currently wading through debris and what used to part of my cd collection, seeing what can be salvaged.


Wow @Nebel, that’s really terrible! Let us know if there are certain CDs that you miss in particular… I myself still have plenty of CDs lying around that I never play anymore, and I’d be happy to send you any that you would like.


Much appreciated Mike. It’s just a clusterfuck at the moment. I’m moving things about and going from “this is going well, you are doing good” to “fucking hell, what’s the point in saving one item in a sea of charred memories?”.


I wonder what is going on with @JustTim ?! Haven’t seen him in a while…


Hmm yeah good call, hope everything is ok.


I haven’t seen @Reasonably_Happy in a while either.


Talked to Jesse this morning. Life is good.


Thanks Booker T! That’s good to hear.


Thanks for the concern. I haven’t been around much, true. Last time I posted I took a bit of ribbing over my bass transactions, and it got to me a bit, so I figured a small break was in order.

But then… um… I guess the easiest way to say it is that my dad has dementia and it’s gotten really bad. We had to take his car keys, his house went into foreclosure because he didn’t file some paperwork for his reverse mortgage, he hasn’t been paying bills, and now he doesn’t recognize me as his son, only as the guy who brings him his groceries and stuff and is constantly shocked that I know who my brother is. We’re trying to get a PoA filed, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to find a notary who would consider him of sound enough mind to sign the paperwork anyway.

Anyway, it’s been a… shit show. I mean… ultimately, I’m ok, my GF is ok, my kids are OK, there’s no real problems there, it’s just all with my dad and it’s really… it’s just super depressing when your dad no longer recognizes you, even though he recognizes your GF, your kids, your brother.



Very sorry to hear about the situation with your dad. That’s really hard to deal with. I hope things work out for you. Stay strong.


Aww man, super sorry to hear that. That’s awful.

Also sorry to hear this. Everything was meant in a good natured “laughing with, not at” kind of way from me, FWIW; I buy and sell a lot of gear too.

A lot of the time humor and intent is hard to convey in text. I apologize unreservedly if I ever said anything that contributed to this, it was not meant in a demeaning way at all.