Mackie CFX 20 Mixer—Fixed!

Yesterday I wrapped up one of my recent isolation projects! It was close to 15 years in the making.

This has been a great mixer, but it had a bad channel for many years— it’s seen some wear and tear. It was transported via snowmobile when the condition started… whoops.

So, with all this time on my hands I finally opened it up, and replaced the fader that was causing the problem. It was intimidating at first, but very doable, and kinda fun to geek out on.

This was this biggest PCB I’ve ever had to deal with! Kinda scary, but I said WTF, I’ve got nothing to lose. $4 dollar part fixed it up!

I’ve got an amp head to deal with later this week… the new pot is on order…and I’m feeling much more confident in my soldering/desoldering skills. image

If you ever have one of these projects then don’t wait as long as I did. Not that big a deal!