Maggot Brain

Hi everyone!

The bass line of Maggot Brain by Funkadelic is fun to play and a good exercise:

Has anyone some fingering and muting advice? Ring and/or pinky? Where to place the thumb?



Welcome to BB @timmey2000.

I will listen to it now, but prob won’t have muting advice. Or may???

If you get a chance, post in “introduce yourself” so you can get a proper forum welcome


Ok, I use my pinky on 14th fret of the D string and my ring finger on the 14th fret of the A string, and leave them there, lifting slightly to mute if necessary. Start with your index finger on E, 12th fret, and as you float across the strings, lift your index finger and move it to the 12th fret of G.

It helps to rake back towards your thumb whenmoving back to the E after the turn.

Then slide the ring / pinky to the 12th fret, and index on E-12 and G-11.

Does that make sense? Does it help?
It sounds familiar, but I don’t know the song very well, so I really should have a listen.

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That sounds like a fool proof description! Thank you!
So basically you would play like a power chord. I was wondering if someone would use the ring finger exclusively, rolling up and down.

Does your thumb rest on the pickup all the time?:grimacing:


Neither my ring or Pinky are strong enuf yet to do it consistently, but when they are, I imagine that would be a better way. Then you could switch between your ring and pinky when switching frets. Fret down the neck ( lower notes, towards the headstock) you could switch to ring, and when you fret up the neck, you could chance to pinky.

I would think playing that 34x, your fingers will appreciate sharing the duty