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K - lil’ help, please. Admittedly, I bought a cheap bass to start. That’s fine - I’ll upgrade eventually, but last night, I had a minor annoyance. One of the screws holding a strap button backed out and the button came off. I screwed it back in, but the screw isn’t “solid” in there. I know I can just get new buttons (and honestly, I’ve been thinking of betting some with locks), but is there a “short term” solution I can try? I was toying with putting a dab of wood glue on the screw to see if I can get it to stay.

Any thoughts?


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There’s an easy fix involving wood glue and a toothpick. Some info (other solutions?) can be found here:


Cool! I’ll check that out - cheers!

EDIT: Just looked at the video - that’s PERFECT. I’m going to do JUST that. But I might wait until I get some locks. I mean, while I’m at it, I might as well…

Thanks again!


Tooth pick is the best pro fix. Your local Home Depot or arts and crafts store also sell small wooden dowels of different sizes if you need larger fills.


+1 for the toothpick, maybe even without wood glue.

Be careful about what glue you use. The local guitar shop said they could epoxy it and “it’ll never move again” which might not be ideal. For example, you might want to install another type of button or strap locks later.

I have little toothpick shavings in the top button bore and would advise in using a little bit more than you think you need - just experiment with a few shavings of toothpick, you’ll get it. :slight_smile:


Minor update. I have some Dunlop straploks arriving today, so I’ll be implementing these suggestions this evening, I think.

Thanks again everyone!


Just to clarify, wood glue should be fine. :slight_smile:

Yep. I use super glue for convenience but good ol’ Titebond or even Elmers would be fine.

Just for clarification. If you have the opportunity to glue in the dowel/toothpick then that’s the better choice.

There’s a reason we use wood glue in carpentry.

Watch this for a simple explanation

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Thank you Barney, that’s a great video! I think the wood glue is a good option, just didn’t have any for my “repair”. Next time I’ll get some. :+1:


Resolution update: I did the wood glue/toothpick method when installing the Dunlop locks. Seemed to work brilliantly. Thanks for the suggestions, all!