Marcus Miller and Sire

Many folks have been curious about Marcus Miller’s preferences with basses, how he got associated with Sire, and why. This video provides a few key insights.


Glad I got my kid 2 Sire basses :wink:


Lucky kid :laughing:


Good video and it has me intrigued. I’m have been playing before i started the b2b course but I still feel very much like an amateur. I’m very happy with the Cort c4 that I bought, but even though I’m also a novice when it comes to finding that right tone and feel of a bass, it find Sire interesting. Certainly high praise from M.M.

It might be time, after I finish the course to treat myself to a second, fairly inexpensive bass.


Parenting done right!



Really informative podcast featuring Kyle Kim, founder of Dame and Sire, and pro bassists.

Not only the origin story of Sire and the subsequent Marcus Miller partnership, but a lot more: Kyle’s philosophy and “sense of responsibility” to make and sell exceptionally well-built basses at disruptively low industry price points.

Also, a group discussion of the state of the bass market from uber-expensive quality to budget-friendly price tags, and how Sire bridges that gap. It’s fascinating to hear bass pros talk basses.

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Sure makes nice instruments. Love the necks, pickups a bit twangy but that’s Marcus and easily fixed. They punch above their weight and are great platforms

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I wish they’d start offering the Mod Shop, I’d be the first to order the PJ with P neck profile and the delicious electronics goodness.


I’d like a U5 with a 51 single coil


Oh yeah super retro. I love it.


I bought a P8 MM from a store that has a no agro return policy, and that was fortunate. Dreadfull setup, uneven frets, poor joins on body, truss rod at total max and those awful plastic controls that were crooked, and having the tone knob on top of the volume knob is just trouble waiting to happen. I cant beleive they are all that bad and this must have been a Friday afternoon model, but in all honesty I couldnt wait to send it back. Well known store as well, should never have got out the door.

Replaced with a Yamaha 434 and that bass is superb.

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I’ve now bought three different models of Sire basses on three separate occasions. Two were from Thomann Music in Germany; and one was from Pitbull Audio in California. Each and every one has been superbly built, set up, and shipped to me within four days of placing my order.

It’s a drag you had a bad experience with yours.

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Regardless of the issues with the Sire, this is totally true. You cannot go wrong with the BB line.

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That sucks, my V5 Fretless is pretty legit. Maybe as they went on the business took advantage of the profit margin and skipped some QC.

I think every mid range model occasionally has a some oopsies and the production line lets them pass :frowning:


One consideration is also who you order them from. Sweetwater should be taking the time to examine and set them up (and potentially reject them). Amazon or Guitar Center don’t even open the boxes from the manufacturer, you may as well be ordering factory direct. Unless you get someone else’s return, which also happens.

This is why I always recommend buying in person, if buying new.

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Is it a demo or refurbish bass?

I’m no Sire fanboy I don’t even own one but you have got to be the unluckiest SOG to have uneven frets coming out of a Plek machine. Then poor joint with Max truss rod as well as improper basic factory setup. One of these is quite possible but all that bass is not new. A few big box stores are known to sell a returned or even used one as new there’s a possibility that you get one of those.

As for the knobs, yeah I heard that even Marcus’s friends complain about it, he said well just change it to the one you like, that’s the one he likes from his fender days.

The volume/ tone is common enough. I have a ‘62 vol/tone on my Jazz bass it’s cool al so my Warwick Katana NT has your setting tone/ vol. it’s weird the first time but I got used to it, it’s cool actually you touch more tone than volume change it make sense to have it up top. If you need to mute it’s the different situation altogether and at least one of your pedal has a mute switch.

I played several Sire basses as fas as I know none has the same poor experience as you did. Sucks man.

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To be honest plastic knobs do drive me crazy too. However they are also about $20 to swap out for nice metal ones :slight_smile:

My last purchase with Sweetwater was not as pleasant. The BBNE2 came with no battery that meant they didn’t check it. The blessing is it’s such a well made bass and probably great from factory so there’s no need for any adjustments. Sweetwater is busted for sure in my book.

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That’s just weird because Yamaha ships them with batteries from the factory :rofl:

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One hallmark of Sire is their attention to QC. Sire’s owner, a player himself, demands it. So a systemic lack of QC isn’t a thing.

I tend to suspect this instance was due to the vendor’s negligence in adequate storage conditions and/or selling a demo or returned bass. But there’s no telling what the circumstances were.

I have no vested interest in Sire other than the three I own and know to be excellent. And I bought all of them and my all my other instruments (guitars, basses and keyboard) sight unseen.

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