Markbass CMD 102P IV Combo Amp

I am seriously considering dropping the $$ for this amp. Does anyone have any info on Markbass amps specifically this guy. I know very little about the stats. I just want to upgrade my rumble 40 … I would like a better understanding and opinions on this particular amp.

500W RMS at 4 ohm, 300W RMS at 8 ohm
2 x 10” and one 1” tweet


Should be plenty of power. Lots of people like the Markbass amps.

Does it have an Aux In or a headphone Out. I couldn’t find a reference for either. But those only matter if that’s something you want on your amp.

Can you be any more specific about what your questions are?

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Great combo amp and definitely a step up from your Rumble 40. With that much watt you will be fine with most gigs too. @eric.kiser

No headphone or aux-in, but it does have a FX loop and a line out (could be used for headphones, but this is not optimal). So I think this combo is good if you want to play with speakers. I like that you can tilt the amp so you can face it upwards.


I’ve not got the same model - I’ve got the combo 121p one instead, which is similar but effectively just the one speaker. However, forgetting power in general, it’s got a GORGEOUS sound. I play quite trebly bass on a jazz, and it seems to really bring it out. It’s just as great on a P bass doing some thunderous stuff too. Powerful little buggers for sure!


This is what I was hoping for, just some comments about experiences and knowledge of these amps. I’ve read days worth of reviews and a lot were bad claiming there’s hissing and buzzing noises. The amp i demo’d sounded great I just was looking for real time feedback! Thank you for providing that!!


I’ll be right back heading to the amp store!! Lol


So, what do you think? Did you get any buzz or hiss when you got it home?


I like Markbass. I have the Jeff Berlin student model as my dedicated home practice amp. I’ve never had any issues with it and it sounds killer to my ears!

Markbass CMD JB Players School 200W 1x15 Bass Combo Amp


Nothing but beautiful deep bottom…

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The cat seems to like it too! :laughing: