McCartney 3,2,1

If you have access to Hulu, this is a must watch!


One of my best friend Ryan has some Paul McCartney stories. He used to work security at a large venue and he has all sorts of stories, but Paul came and played a few times. And it seems Linda was a vegetarion, and there wasn’t any meat allowed on site. So in back of the venue hidden by the trailers Ryan and his mates setup a grill and made some burgers. Paul wandered out for a smoke and found them. And grabbed a burger saying, “don’t tell LInda”

He’s really down to earth it seems.


I just finished this and absolutely loved it


Oh yeah. Just finished. It’s really good. Highly recommended.

There’s a James Jamerson clip where the isolate his playing and McCartney talks about Jimi Hendricks covering one of their songs, in concert, the day after the album came out.

Rick Rubin does a really good job too and every episode has something really cool in it.

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My only gripe is when they talk about that really bizarre tone McCartney got on that one song (forget which one) on his bass he didn’t tell us how he got it. It was really cool and considering pedals went what they are today, I’d have loved to know what they toyed with to get it.