Melody Scanner, Amazing Website That Figures Out Songs

Hey everyone.
Was looking for stuff online yesterday and came across this amazing website, It basically writes out music from YouTube, you playing into the microphone, etc. It can do lots of songs and stuff. You get the first little bit of each score free and then you pay $35 a year to get full scores. I tried it on davie504’s uke bass solo video,
and it’s pretty accurate. Here’s the music to the first 40 bars. Then I tried it on my favorite band which play rather obscure instruments, it did well on a fast one but botched up a slow tune. It’s main downfall seems to be timing, as when I play the file (there’s a playback feature if you make an account and upload the YouTube video or recording) it’s sounds like the same tune, just messed up and the rhythm is off. Anyway, I highly recommend it, especially since it’s free to see the first 40 bars of any song!

EDIT: the link doesn’t work to the music, sorry.