Memorial Day

Today is the day we remember those who sacrificed their lives keep us all free to live our lives and be able to choose. Unfortunately, that’s lost on too many people.
The man with me in this photo is one of our World War II veterans who was in Germany when Hitler fell.


Nice pic, @PamPurrs – Happy Memorial Day to all the vets and servicemen/women in our community!


We must never forget. :us:


Happy Memorial Day @PamPurrs!
Thank you for your service, and thanks to all those who fell for our continued freedom.


This is a collection from my Dad’s service, also in Europe in WW2


Thank you to your dad, @Wombat-metal


Thanks to all servicemen and women for their service in all conflicts past and present


I know I never will.
Over 70% of my family were wiped out during WWII.

My dad was in the Royal Navy and signed up at the beginning of WWII (September 1939), at the age of 17, and was in it until 1946. He was one of the lucky survivors and spent most of his time in the North Atlantic convoys.

I was born in the UK, in the Northeast near Newcastle, and during my youth used to play in the shore batteries that were set up to defend against Axis power invasion and many’s a time I remember a mine showing up on our local beach and we would gather to watch as it was taken out of service, usually just by detonating it.

I have question regarding Memorial Day, and this is not meant to be condescending in any way shape or form:
Is Memorial Day American tradition honouring American war dead, and those that served?

I have always been interested in the history of WWII and have always felt that if the Japanese had not attacked Pearl Harbour (1941) 2-1/4 years after the war started in Europe the world may very well be a different place today.

I thank all American Vets, and their allies, for their support and supreme sacrifices, and ALWAYS attend armistice day services on November 11th to pay homage to all that had to go through that nightmare.
I feel it is the least I can do besides supporting the Canadian Legion by being a member.


Memorial Day is to honor servicemen and women who fell on duty (technically), usually we honor all vets. Veteran’s Day (11/11) is when we also honor vets.

At the time of Pearl Harbor, the US had the 19th largest army in the world, right behind Portugal. It certainly changed a lot. Also Germany declared war on the US, which was good because Congress had refused to declare war on Germany until then. They only declared on Japan initially. We were very isolationist at the time. If Germany didn’t declare war, it would have again been a different world. Russsia was going to roll Germany and probably wouldn’t have stopped.


Thank you for the clarification.
I was not aware you called Armistice Day (November 11th) Veteran’s day.


I had always thought Memorial Day started after WWI.

This year I found out it started before the end of the US Civil War when Southern women would gather to decorate and care for the graves of soldiers from both sides.

Special care was taken with the graves of enemy soldiers who had died far from home. The hope was that women from the North would hear that their loved ones were being cared for and do the same for Southern troops who had also died far from home.

For many in the US, particularly those who have lost loved ones in the many wars, it is a pretty somber day of reflection. I know it is for me.


I thought it had been once called Decoration Day (since you mentioned the decorating of graves), so looked it up. Memorial Day - Wikipedia
Apparently after WWII the name “Memorial Day” became more common than calling it “Decoration Day” according to Wikipedia, plus it wasn’t officially called Memorial Day by federal law until 1968 (see link, which has all sorts of history about it).


A very somber day for me also @eric.kiser… Members of my family have served since they migrated here to the US from Ireland back in 1900. We have served in WWI (my great gramps) WWII (my uncle), Korea (my dad and his twin brother), Vietnam (me), Afghanistan and Iraq (my daughter and son in law)… And now I have grandkids serving in the Army and Navy…

Our family has always served, but Memorial Day is for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice - their lives…

There is no greater love than one given for the lives of others… I have lost friends during times of war… Trying to explain the emotions of those losses - even to this day are unexplainable… All I can say is that there is no amount of tears that can mask the feelings or memories…

Memorial Day is for “Them”… It’s their day… and… it will always be my day to reflect and remember what “They” gave… The “Ultimate Sacrifice”… It’s the one day in my life that I dedicate to them…


That hits home really hard @Griff
I thank you, your family and all who served for allowing me the freedom I have to be me. Something we should all be grateful of and something generations that follow should never forget


Excellent moment and tribute. Amen. God bless America forever.


I hope you all have a Happy Memorial Day.