Memorizing - Is it as hard for anyone else?

Don’t think “I gotta memorize this!” when you practice. There is no quick route other than just playing the patterns over and over. Ari’s material is very deep and I struggle with it too but I can see that once I’ve got it, my playing will improve enormously. Some tips- write the patterns on a sheet of paper by hand. Sing the intervals. Before you go to sleep, play the patterns you are working on. Also, Ari is giving classes on line. She’s an excellent teacher!


My favorite songs growing up were Motown songs. I owned so many Motown records I could have bought the studio with what I paid for in records. So now being older the songs I want to learn to play are those songs. Some have been easy to learn and others just darn incredible to get under my fingers. I wondered why so I did some serious looking at what I was trying to learn. The songs I found easy to master were songs James Jamerson created the bass lines on early in his career. Basic bass lines that followed the same rhythms thru most of the song. The ones I struggled with are the ones he created later as he himself mastered the art of playing between the beats with lots of mixed 8th & 16th notes and tons of syncopation that gives his bass lines incredible power. So here I am trying to learn a song that was created by “The Master Of Electric Bass” after he had played for 30 years. Jamerson first learned how to play trumbone, piano, double bass so he had all that background before he began playing electric bass. So though we may find some things really hard to memorize it could be the things we select to learn are things mastered by those who had years of practice and playing under their fingers before they created the piece. To play a song already created one just needs to remember that song and don’t need to know every scale on 3 positions like Mark suggests. When I learn a song I will usually look at each section and play it in several positions finding the one that best works for me…also thinking thru how my move to the next section is defined. I think eventually all the things about bass will become sound in my memory but the best thing we all have in common is the will to learn a great instrument.


Good point, @A1955Harley . . . :+1: . . and makes me feel better, too !

Trying to catch up with John Entwistle is pretty tough :wink:



LOL I totally agree!!