Metalic sound


I just bought my first bass … stunning piece of wood with amazing sound … through the amp.

However, the “natural” sound (i.e. not the one out of the amp) is metallic like hell. Is it normal ? Will it fade out ? What causes it ? Is there a way to have it out of the way ? !

Thanks in advance for your help,

Have a good bass day !

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Bonjour Laurent!

Which bass?

Sire Marcus Miller P8 4 strings Natural … a beauty :slight_smile:


Yeah, it really is a beauty!!!

Can you post a sound sample?
Best way is to create a YouTube and post the link here!

What you may be hearing is the sound of the strings hitting the (metal) frets. This could be a technique issue. Try playing with a softer touch and see if that changes it. Remember: pluck along the bass, not into it! If that doesn’t help, or if you feel that you’re just one of those players with a heavier touch, a setup may be required to raise the action (string height) a little bit. Plenty of information about that on the forums:


There’s something really wrong there, send it to me and I’ll check it our for you, :joy:

Like everyone else said, it’s normal.


Of course. Please give me your address. That is so nice of you to check my bass :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks everyone. I think I’ll play a lot with, see if it fades away, and in a few weeks have it setup it needed.

Happy bass day

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I think that’s a bad idea, especially if it’s a new bass.
Find out what the real problem is NOW, as long as you can give it back!

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Just to mention the obvious; this is an electric bass it’s not really meant to be listened to any way other than through an amp. It’s not an acoustic or elctro-acoustic bass. It’s never going to sound in any way good with some sort of amplification.

But as long as we do not know, what @Laurent means with “metallic”, it could be anything!

That’s why I poposed for him to create a little video, demonstrating the sound.

It is true that through the amp, the sound is totally normal … maybe not a bother …

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