Metronome practice

My daughter gifted me with a new metronome for Christmas. I would like to incorporate it into my practice. If playing along with a song i.e. Hotel California, how do I know what bpm to use ? 60,80,100 ? Also any tips on practicing with a metronome will be appreciated.


Im sure if you Google search the BPM for a particular song, it would probably let you know what it is. I’ve done this personally, and it seemed to work great for me. I hope this helps. Good luck!


So, is this an old-fashioned (mechanical) metronome or a more modern electronic device (or even an app for the phone)?? If it is any of the latter, there usually is a “tap” function where you can tap (on the device, or the app) the beats as you listen to the song - the app/device then comes back with the bpm you are tapping. (I hope I am making sense here!?)

Still, syncing the metronome to the song is going to be very tricky!!

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Finding the correct tempo for a pre-existing piece of music can be done two ways - there’s the @JuiceboxHero way (nice suggestion there) or, you can get a tap-tempo app/metronome for your phone.
That’s where you tap in time … to…
Well, there’s @joergkutter literally posting this same idea as I’m typing. +1 to that!


I’ve never heard of that app. Might have to check it out. Seems like a good idea. Thanks!


Old fashion made in Germany mechanical metronome like grandma had



Still… might want to download a metronome app as well… some of them are free!