Michael Kelly

Went by Sam Ash to pick up a couple of things, came across a brand of basses I’d not seen before: Michael Kelly. I did some preliminary internet searching when I got home, evidently they started in the early 90s making mandolins and acoustic bass guitars and that they focus on “quality instruments at budget prices”.

Anyone have actual experience with the brand? The basses looked good, but I didn’t get a chance to play one.

They have a very bad rap of being crap, but I tend to disagree.
I had a fretless acoustic electric bass from them that was beautiful and sounded great.
I just hated how big the body was so sold it, but otherwise loved it.
Inlays on fretless were the bomb.

Their electric basses generally look amazing. I don’t know about long term neck etc issues though but for the price if you get a good one it should last for quiet a few years at least.

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Yeah, definitely. Take this, for instance:

That’s a damned fine looking bass.


Their instruments look pretty good. I always thought of it as a Sam Ash house brand (Kind of like Marco Robelli), since that is the only place I’ve ever seen it sold at. Not sure if they own it.

I tried a bass once and didn’t like the neck profile or string spacing. Didn’t bother to plug it in.

Michael Kelly sounds like another generic brand which manufactures overseas somewhere, like Rogue or MTS. Not that I have a problem with overseas manufacture, I don’t, but the QC doesn’t seem to be as rigid on these brands.

Like buying a KIa

it is but they also sell it through other music shops, usually local low end places.

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