Mistakes When First Learning Bass?

I probably should have spent more time playing and less time on the forums and YT :smiley: and I wish I discovered much sooner how much I love playing bass instead of guitar.

The one thing I might have done differently is work more on learning the fretboard playing triads in the cycle of 4ths all over the neck first instead of wasting time playing scales/modes which really hasn’t been nearly as useful. I enjoy playing songs so I focus mostly on playing since that’s the main goal :slight_smile:

Another thing I’d do more of which I still don’t do enough of is put on a backing track or chord progression and solo over it. If you want to be good at improvising it’s like speaking. language, you have to do it a lot… there’s just no way around that :slight_smile: I find that in general, a lot of courses teach the parts: scales, intervals, chords, modes, etc. but where they fall down is putting it all together and teaching people how to effectively use those parts practically.

In the past I HATED theory, bass has given me much more of a reason to learn and enjoy theory and I think the best way to learn theory is to use it for composing/improvising.

I’ve been pretty efficient with the stuff I’ve done though… I did Fender play (which I already had) for a couple of weeks after buying my first bass and then I did the B2B course in about a month so about 2 months after buying my bass I had a pretty solid foundation! I had played guitar for a few years before that and I played music for about 10 years in my youth so I wasn’t a total noob.

I really think that the B2B course is the best out there for beginners or people who have played bass but lack a good technical foundation. I like that it give people a good foundation, gets you playing fast and keeps you interested. It teaches enough basic theory so you can understand music structure but doesn’t waste time with stuff that’s really unnecessary at the beginner stage. The only thing it doesn’t teach that I think is a very useful skill is raking.


I just moved and all my basses need a truss rod adjustment… so I’ve decided I don’t mind a little fret buzz :joy:


I often wonder if I’d still have 5 basses if I’d bought the pbass first instead of 5th :joy: (probably)

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Very probably.