Mix Strings?

Maybe this topic has been discussed before, but I’m an old guitar player and as such have a bit of a lazy streak when it comes to music so if I’m resurrecting an old topic, please understand that:

  1. I’m an old retired dude
  2. I use to play 6 string guitar before taking up Bass a month ago
  3. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to searching for things online
  4. My memory is about as long as my… (fill in the blank)
  5. I’m just curious… So…

Q-1: Has anyone ever tried mixing different string types on their Bass’s??
If so…
Q-2: Did it work?

Currently, I play two different Yammies - I put Nickel Round Wounds in medium gauge on one, and on the other I put on Nickel Half Rounds in regular light gauge. Both give me great sound, tone, and sustain on certain strings for certain songs depending on if I’m playing high notes or low notes. For instance, I notice a great smooth low on the E and A strings with the half rounds, however the D and G strings that are used on some of the songs are a little too muffled and don’t give me the sharp tones I wanna hear. I’s the opposite with the one I have strung with the round wounds - great on the D and G, but a little too aggressive with way more buzz on the E and A strings.

So, has anyone mixed or matched different type strings on their Bass’s before or just have two to play as I do? Sometimes it’s a PITA to swap Bass’s between songs - especially when you play all sorts of genres…

All I can think of is back in the day when guitar players had what I referred to as a ‘Siamese Twin’ guitar that were two guitars in one… Can’t imagine that with Bass’s…

Hey, I’m Just Curious…


The mantra of the cigar box guitar building community is “No Rules!”… I carry that over to traditional instruments as well. Sure there are some laws of physics that can’t be broken but in general… “No Rules!”

So I say go for it Bill! :slight_smile:


Love it @Korrigan!! Wild and Free!!


@Lanny - I second that vote!!

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Thanks @Korrigan & @Gio… I’m gonna give it a try… As soon as I can take a break from breaking down and re-recording some old songs that I’m working on. I’m certainly NOT a ‘Badass’ Bassist yet, but I took the course in order to start directing some of my old music and bringing out the bass line in some of the songs… Most of what we played back in the day had a more hidden bass line and between the drums and lead guitar (and lead vocals), the bass line and rhythm guitars were pretty much lost in the recordings.

I’m trying to bring out the real groove in our songs which is why I decided to take up Bass lessons and maybe learn something a little more about how bass lines feed into the overall construction of music composition. I’m no music major or anything, just an old retired half deaf vet who LOVES making music… I’ll try anything because,… I’ve got nothing to loose…