Mixer V Audio Interface

Hi Guys
Who uses a mixer to record their bass and who uses a USB AI?
What is the difference and why would you want one over the other?


I’m very interested in this as well. What is a good starter setup that I can use to record myself and do some basic editing? I don’t even have a decent computer in the house right now since I’ve done everything computing wise on my smart phone for so long… So I’ll need to build from the ground up without spending too much money.

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There is no difference if the mixer has a USB out. Mixers are great to have if you have multiple instruments.

If the mixer does not have a USB out then you will still need a way to get its output (usually a stereo line signal) into your computer.

Some mixers also have built-in recording to internal memory or cards. The same holds true, you need a way to get the data into the computer for editing, unless you want to edit on the mixer (which some can do).

But a USB audio interface is by far the simplest route to get sound from your instrument into the computer at an adequate quality level.