Mixing and Mastering

Anyone knows of good teaching resources (free or otherwise) regarding mixing and mastering?

Ideally rock music oriented or for “traditional” instruments. It’s difficult to get through the EDM clutter.

If it’s specific to Reaper even better. But for the sake of thread maybe we should keep it DAW agnostic

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I don’t know of one, though I’m sure there would be online courses a videos aplenty. But, alas, I don’t have one to recommend.


I subscribe to the YouTube channel Hop Pole Studio. He does some interesting tutorials and introduces a lot of cool products. I think he also has some courses.
He did a great series on Reaper, which is how I discovered the channel.

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@gcancella If you use Logic or pro tools or any other recording software you can check out Udemy they have great classes for about $15 on Logic Pro and Pro Tools I know they offer courses for just about everything

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This is an art I am still learning myself.

I can definitely recommend iZotope’s plugins to help. I really like Neutron and Ozone. That said I am glad I learned the basics before buying them. They do have a lot of useful tutorial info on their site though, for example:

Just don’t do what a lot of sites recommend and simply throw a limiter on the master mix, slam everything up in to it, and squash the shit out of everything just to make it louder :slight_smile:


If you want good quality you’ll have to pay for it but it’s really worth it.

With that said this is great starting point:

Warren Huart is involved with both pages and you can check his YT channel for free stuff which is great: https://www.youtube.com/user/WarrenHuartRecording


Yeah. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, especially about mastering. Mastering only really needs a few things done and should be pretty fast if you have a good mix already, but a lot of sites really overcomplicate it and when just starting out it’s hard to tell if it is just because you don’t know enough or if they are really making it way too difficult. It’s like people look for problems that aren’t necessarily there.

I’ve learned some good stuff from some of his free videos. His non-mixing/mastering stuff is good too.

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I’ve also been impressed with his free content. I find his style to be concise, accurate and relevant.


He’s good at getting to what is really needed and at pointing out why some other popular methods are not optimal.