Moderately priced birthday gift

Hi all. It’s my birthday soon and trying to think of bass access gift I’d like. Have 1 bass, b2b course, strap, headphone amp, practice amp, picks and books. Have googled gifts for newbie bass player and mugs n t shirts don’t interest me. Anyone any off wall ideas pls

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Hi Chris, I have the ibanez gio bass that josh hates in new bass review and tbh not even sure how to change strings. Maybe YouTube would help.

Have vox headphone amp already unless the one you mention is different?

Was thinking bass cleaning kit maybe if there is particularly good one but bit dull

I don’t play with anyone so another bass not needed and would break budget probably


Even pedal might be pointless if play alone.

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How about building yourself a U-bass?


The best bass ist the one you love and play! So: no worries!

Changing strings is dead easy:

The vox is this little cheap thingy, right? I also have one of those. They s#ck!
I have the Fender Mustang Mini now, which is ok, the Spark GO, which is great …but would get the Katana GO if I did not have too many of them!

Advantage of those: very good effects and sound quality. Bluetooth streaming to headphone.

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Reviews look great and looks like proper kit. App as well is good rather than those small buttons


If you have one of those Vox amPlugs, it really will be a world of difference to get either a Spark GO or Boss Katana GO.
I got a Vox when I started … one of my early mistakes


Really nice tuner?
A set of in-ear monitors?
Setup tools?
Music theory for bass poster?
Wireless tx/rx to replace bass cable?
Wireless tx/rx for headphones?
A multi-effect unit of some sort?
An audio interface for recording yourself to a computer?
A nice wall hanger? (Oh sorry, you said off the wall… :wink: )
This t-shirt?


Which one would you recommend? I have some total garbage IEMs! They fall out of my ears and only sound good when I press them in my ear - and then I cannot play :frowning:


Better to ask @Al1885 , I’m learning from some stuff he shared. I bought the very cheap KZ ZSN to try, and honestly wasn’t expecting much for $23.99. It turns out I like playing bass through those so much better than with my Airpod Max phones (with a lightning to 3.5mm adapter).

Getting a good seal is so important, though, and is a highly personal thing. I’m still figuring out the best combo of eartips to use. I generally like the triple-flange tips from Etymotic. Was planning to replace with that style, but thought I’d give the stock ones a chance first.

Again, really pleasantly surprised for the price. A bit of noise when combined with my wireless (for the bass, ironically, they work great with the wireless system for the headphones) but sound great with the bass plugged in via cable. I have an impedance plug on the way that should hopefully sort that.


I started with a headphone amp, eventually moving on to practicing through one of these. This has been the single biggest upgrade to how I practice since I started. It isn’t even about recording yourself, As long as you get one that’s half decent, you can hear yourself play with almost no latecy. It also opens up the possiblity of playing through a DAW (software, Garageband is a good example) that allows you to add some effects and amp sounds while you’re playing. Focusrite is the one you see most often. I picked up an Audient Evo which is in the same price range and has an auto gain feature that works like a charm.

Audient Evo 4

Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen


I also learn a lot from him. He might not make the best pancakes (cause: american), but he knows his bass stuff ^^

I have the CCA CRA+. Also cheap. Great reviews, but they s#ck! Maybe it’s the fit. I have QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds for listening when strolling around the city, and they sound perfect (using APTX). But those cannot be used for playing bass, cause of latency.

The CCA sound good when I press them deep in my ear.
Maybe I should try your eartips. My issue is that you never know which size fits or if they fit at all. >
I have a substantial collection of eartips for my many many many earbuds, but only the Bose are good - and they only fit on Bose earbuds.

+1 for the FocusRite!!!

Which one exactly? Do you have an Amazon link?

I was referring to the tips that Etymotic include with their earphones. They have always consistently worked well for me, even the low-cost model they offer. They go a bit deeper into the ear and make a really good seal.

You can buy this style on Amazon. I don’t have a link, but you’d obviously need to make sure they have the correct hole size for the IEMs in question.

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Do the Etymotic tips fir on your KZ ZSN ? If so, they should also fit on my CCA CRA+.

According to this thread, the diameter should be just over 4mm, so something like these should likely work:

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They have a storefront on reverb that sells first party refurbs for like 40% off.